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Your eye treatment changes lives: We show you how every betterview treatment gives children in Madagascar a better future.

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290 mil.

People with visual impairment

43 mil.

Of these people suffer from blindness

90 %

Of these people live in poverty

3 / 4

Of these people are treatable

betterview gives eyesight

We are certain: eye health must not be a privilege!

betterview has made it its mission to enable all people in Switzerland to see clearly by means of the latest technology. In doing so, we see it as our duty not to disregard global eye health.

Especially in low- to middle-income countries, eye health is severely neglected. Due to barriers such as lack of financial resources and poor infrastructure, millions of people do not have access to eye health care. These people have no choice but to live with untreated eye disease when they develop an eye condition, such as cataracts.

This in turn can lead to complete blindness. Eye health in Madagascar is in just such a precarious situation.We want to help improve the situation by providing children with eye diseases with treatment and thus a promising future. To achieve this goal, we have established a collaboration with CBM Christoffel Blindenmission Schweiz.

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betterview meets CBM

Together for better sight for children in Madagascar

CBM Switzerland is committed to supporting people with disabilities in poverty-stricken areas. As a development and humanitarian aid organisation, it makes it possible for disabilities to be prevented and for people with disabilities to receive medical care and inclusive support. CBM Switzerland is the proud holder of the Zewo seal of approval and, as a partner organisation of Swiss Solidarity, is committed to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people.

As part of our cooperation, we will work together to reduce the spread of eye diseases and improve access to eye examinations and treatment for needy children in Madagascar. The greatest added value is provided by our customers: For every treatment at betterview, a certain amount is transferred to the CBM project "Mahita". With your treatment at betterview, you not only have the opportunity to gain sharp vision yourself, but you also contribute directly to the treatment of a child by the CBM, giving them the chance to go through life with healthy eyes.

Would you like to learn more about the Christoffel Blind Mission (CBM)?

Click here to go directly to the CBM website

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Healthy eyes for children in Madagascar

How we are giving children in Madagascar better eyesight and a brighter future.

Eye health in Madagascar is very precarious due to limited health care resources and poor infrastructure in many rural areas. Children in particular are affected by eye problems and often do not have access to adequate examinations and treatment. Even a minor injury in childhood can therefore lead to blindness. As in many other developing countries, cataracts are widespread in Madagascar.

If children fall ill with cataracts, an operation must be performed as soon as possible, otherwise they may lose their sight. The figures speak for themselves: 40% of children in Madagascar who suffer from severe visual impairment could have been cured with proper health care.

betterview is working with CBM to find a solution and improve the eye health of affected children through the already existing project "Mahita".

The project includes the training of ophthalmologists, opticians and nurses as well as the expansion of health services. The focus is on the training of skills that are specifically necessary for operations on children's eyes.

Since this year, thanks to project-related donations, the local clinics have also been supplied with instruments, consumables and optical aids such as glasses. CBM also provides treatment for very poor families and people with disabilities.

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Gracy can see again

Gracy was very lucky. The 6-year-old boy from Madagascar was able to save his eyesight thanks to the efforts of CBM Switzerland. Here you can watch or read his moving story from 2018.

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at betterview, you not only improve your own eyesight, but also automatically make a big contribution to the eye health of children in Madagascar.

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