Last updated: Winterthur, April 1, 2022

Installment payments

How it works

If you decide to have laser eye treatment at betterview, you can choose whether you would like to pay the costs for the laser correction directly and all at once or whether you prefer to pay conveniently in installments.

If you pay in installments, this is possible from 2% repayment per month. I.e. in this case you pay 2% of the outstanding invoice amount each month until the total amount is paid.

Of course you can also choose other rates, be it 5%, 15%, 25% or 50%. As long as it is at least 2% per month you have the choice. Please keep in mind that there is interest on the installment purchase. Currently our partner charges 0% on the outstanding amount per month.

Our Partner: MF Group AG

MF Group AG is the leading Swiss provider for purchase on account. If you decide to pay by installments, you will receive your invoices accordingly from MF Group and not from betterview.

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