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Our vision

Our vision is to reshape and sustainably digitize the ophthalmology market in Switzerland. At betterview, you're at the center of everything—from booking your first consultation appointment to follow-up care. Moving away from the clinical to an all-around great customer experience with you as the protagonist.

Our mission

Unhindered sharp vision—See Sharply. With the possibilities existing nowadays, this should be available to everyone, but it's not. That's why our goal is to make laser eye treatment in Switzerland available and, in particular, affordable to literally everyone. We work hard to make this happen—every day.

Who we are

Our team is made of a colorful mix of very experienced people, among others with many years of management experience in well-known companies in the marketing, sales, retail, tech, and medical sectors who already have a few successful exits on their CVs, as well as up-and-coming talents. What they all have in common is that they stand behind betterview with strong conviction and a lot of heart and soul.

Where we are

Our shops are easy to find—they are all centrally located and very easy to reach by public transport or on foot. All our shops are furnished individually, based on the city and the surroundings. The most important thing for us is to create a feel-good atmosphere for you.

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Our medical team

The "heart" of betterview: Our highly qualified, experienced medical team is led by Dr. Toam Katz and is characterized by maximum precision, many years of experience, and reliability.

Dr. Toam Katz has successfully performed thousands of laser eye treatments and lens implantations. Before betterview, from 2006 onwards, he was medical director of the largest chain of refractive treatment in Germany, where he was responsible for training, further education, supervision, and support of the ophthalmologists, among others.

Since September 2011, he has also been employed at the UKE Hamburg as a private lecturer and senior physician, where he is head of Refractive Surgery.

In the medical sector management, Dr. Katz is supported by Nita Zeqiri, who has been responsible for the operational management of a chain of laser eye clinics in Switzerland in recent years.

Dr. Toam Katz

Dr. Toam Katz

Chief Medical Officer

Neta Zeqiri

Nita Zeqiri

Medical Operations Lead

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