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New quality of life

20/20 vision without compromise

A whole new quality of life thanks to your pain-free LASIK treatment at betterview.

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6/6 vision without compromise

A whole new quality of life thanks to your pain-free LASIK treatment at betterview.

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Four simple steps

At betterview, laser eye treatment or lens treatment takes place in four simple steps:

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Preliminary examination

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During a 30-minute, free, no-obligation preliminary examination, we determine your eye’s suitability for treatment. Among other things, we measure the visual aids you already use and check your cornea's thickness and visual acuity.


Main examination

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Further tests are required for the best possible performance and maximum treatment safety. During your free, no-obligation main examination, which takes 45 to 60 minutes, we carry out all the necessary tests and determine possible treatment methods.



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Perfect vision in a few minutes. The actual laser treatment takes less than a minute per eye and is pain-free. For laser correction, we use either our excimer laser or our femtosecond laser. We decide which laser device to use during the main examination. Afterwards, you can relax in our lounge in a feel-good atmosphere until you feel ready to go home. It's worth allowing a little extra time for your treatment appointment.



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Depending on your treatment method, the follow-up takes place either directly the next day or after five days. By using a special technique and a slit lamp, we examine the eye's front and back sections to ensure that your treatment has had the desired success and that the eye is healing optimally.

In just 15 minutes, return to 6/6 vision in a feel-good atmosphere

The actual treatment only takes a few minutes.


At betterview, we treat the following refractive errors using laser eye treatment or lenses.


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These treatment methods are suitable for short-sightedness (myopia):

  • Femto LASIK up to -10.00 dioptres
  • TransPRK up to -8.00 dioptres
  • Lens implantation up to -20.00 dioptres
  • Refractive lens exchange up to -15.00 dioptres


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The following treatment methods are suitable for correcting long-sightedness (hyperopia):

  • Femto LASIK up to +4.00 dioptres
  • TransPRK up to +3.00 dioptres
  • Refractive lens exchange up to +15.00 dioptres

Corneal Curvature

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In the case of corneal curvature, also astigmatism, a permanent correction can be achieved with these treatment methods:

  • Femto LASIK and TransPRK up to 6.00 dioptres
  • Refractive lens exchange up to 5.00 dioptres
  • Lens implantation up to 6.00 dioptres


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Presbyopia is not a refractive error of the eye but a symptom of ageing. The eye's lens gradually loses its elasticity. As a result, it becomes more difficult to see close-up and requires more effort. Presbyopia can be treated with a refractive lens exchange. With a multifocal artificial lens, you will have clear vision at all distances again after treatment.

Frequent questions

Regarding eye laser treatments

In the following video, we answer the most common questions about the process of an eye laser treatment at betterview, in just two minutes.

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During a 30-minute, no-obligation, free initial on-site consultation, together we find out whether and for which treatment method, laser eye treatment or lens treatment, your eyes are suitable.

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Maximum quality of life

After your treatment, you will experience an entirely new feeling of freedom. No more restrictions—in every situation. 98% of all people treated report better quality of life after their vision correction.

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No costs for glasses or contact lenses

Your treatment will pay off in no time. Compared to the regular purchase of contact lenses and visual aids, you save money every month. 82% of all people treated even save over CHF 1,000 year after year!

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No more searching

"Have you seen my glasses?" This question becomes just as much a thing of the past as the regular purchase of contact lenses or care products late at night.

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No restrictions during sports

Jogging, cycling, football, or tennis. No matter what you like to do, in the future, you won't have to worry about anything. Just have fun doing sport!


Frequently asked questions

These are the most important, frequently asked questions and answers about your laser eye treatment or lens treatment at betterview. If you need further information or have any questions, please get in touch with us.

What is the probability of success for my laser eye correction?

Exceptionally high. In approximately 95% of treatments, there is no residual refractive error. However, if this is the case, we can usually correct it with a second treatment. The probability of a residual correction increases slightly with the level of refractive error.

Will laser eye treatment last a lifetime?

Yes. After laser eye treatment, you can normally dispense with distance glasses for the rest of your life. Deterioration is very rare and affects people who already had a very high dioptre value before the treatment.

What ages are suitable for a laser eye treatment?

Generally, about 98% of all 18 to 45-year-olds are suitable for laser eye treatment. There may also be a possibility of laser vision correction for people over the age of 45. However, starting at the age of 45, a refractive lens exchange is preferable and available at betterview. We clarify and discuss in detail which treatment method is most suitable for you in our free, no-obligation examinations.

How does a refractive lens exchange work?

A refractive lens exchange involves replacing your natural lens with an artificial lens. The procedure corrects severe ametropia as well as presbyopia, and prevents cataracts.

betterview also offers lens treatments. Which methods are offered exactly?

In addition to lens implantation, betterview also offers refractive lens exchange. Both treatments are alternatives to laser eye treatment. They can also be used to treat people whose eyes may not be suitable for laser eye treatment, for example, due to severe ametropia, advanced age, or a cornea that is too thin.

How does lens treatment work?

Lens treatment at betterview, like laser eye treatment, takes place in four steps: a free and no-obligation preliminary examination, a detailed main examination, the treatment and the subsequent follow-ups.


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Free preliminary examination