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Can I go blind from laser eye surgery?

No. In over 25 years, there hasn't been a known case of a patient going blind directly as a result of laser vision correction. Other eye conditions such as infection or retinal detachment may occur after laser eye surgery and can be treated.

Is LASIK surgery painful?

LASIK surgery doesn't cause any pain, neither during the surgery itself nor after it. A foreign body sensation in the first few hours after surgery is completely normal.

What is the probability of success for my laser vision correction?

Exceptionally high. In about 95% of the treatments, there are no residual vision defects. But if this is the case, they can usually be corrected with a second surgery.

Can vision be corrected with a laser more than once?

Yes, if your cornea is thick enough

Does laser vision correction last a lifetime?

Yes. Usually, after your laser eye surgery, you won't need glasses for distance for the rest of your life. Deterioration is very rare, and if it happens, it affects patients who already had a very high diopter value before the surgery.

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