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Online Eye Test

You've probably already done an eye test to check your eyesight. Now, the eye test is also available online, and you can carry out an initial assessment of your visual acuity from the comfort of your own home. We explain how it works and what you should bear in mind.

How does the online eye test work?

Every single step of the online eye test is explained to you so that you can check your eyes optimally.

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What you need for the eye test at home:

  • Smartphone
  • Computer monitor or laptop
  • 5 metres of space

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Instructions for the eye test:

  • Start your eye test
  • Follow the instructions step-by-step
  • Results are displayed
  • Enter your email address to access the results at any time

The eye test is carried out with Landolt rings. Increasingly smaller rings with openings in eight different directions are displayed. You indicate the direction of each opening.

A percentage is given as the result of the eye test. This can be more than 100% per eye.

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Frequently asked questions about the eye test

Does this online eye test replace a visit to the optician or ophthalmologist?

No. It is important to note that the online eye test and the eye tests that are printed out are an initial approximate assessment of your possible visual impairment. The online eye test does not replace a visit to an optician or ophthalmologist. This eye test cannot be used for the driving test. For this, you will definitely need an eye test at an optician or ophthalmologist.

Who is suitable for the online eye test?

The online eye test is suitable for anyone who would like to assess their visual acuity. This can be people who already wear glasses or contact lenses, or people who simply want to check whether they have a slight visual impairment. It is important to emphasise that this is not a medical confirmation.

Does betterview’s online eye test cost anything?

No, the online eye test from betterview is free. Also, downloading the betterview app for the eye test is free of charge. A preliminary examination in your local shop comes with no obligation and is also free of charge. There, the experts will check your visual acuity again. Click here to book an appointment >>

When is the best time to do the online eye test?

The eye test can be done at any time. However, we recommend that you carry out the test when you have not had to strain your eyes for a long time beforehand. Tiredness can influence the eye test results.

How long does the online eye test take?

The online eye test takes a maximum of 10 minutes for distance and near vision. You can have the results sent to you by email afterwards so that you can access them at any time.

How often should I have my eyes checked?

It is very important to have your eyes checked regularly. People under 40 are generally recommended to have an eye test every 2–3 years. People over the age of 40 are recommended to have an annual examination, as it is not always possible to recognise pathological changes in the eye yourself.

What should I bear in mind when doing the online eye test?

The online eye test is not a medical result. It does not replace an eye test at an optician or ophthalmologist. It is an initial approximate assessment of your possible visual impairment. Further examinations are necessary. The online eye test does not detect potential eye diseases. In addition, when doing the online eye test, you must adhere to the specifications, such as the distance to the screen.

What happens with my data?

The result of your eye test will be sent to you by email at the end. This is done in an encrypted transmission. We do not save any data; they are no longer available after you close the window.

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