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What is an implanted contact lens?

We place an artificial lens (ICL, Implantable Collamer Lens) before your eye's natural lens to permanently correct refractive errors, such as short-sightedness or corneal curvature. The procedure is an excellent alternative to laser eye treatment when, for example, the cornea is too thin, or the refractive error too severe. The procedure is reversible. However, the artificial lens can remain in your eye for a lifetime. You will find that visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses belong to the past, and you experience a whole new level of freedom and quality of life.

Quite simple

Lens implantation in four simple steps

Your lens implantation at betterview has four simple steps:

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Preliminary examination

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During a free, no-obligation 30-minute preliminary exam, we determine your suitability for lens implantation. We examine your eye's natural lens, the condition of your cornea and any visual aids you currently use.


Main examination

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Our ophthalmologists take your eye measurements and perform other necessary tests in 45 minutes without charge or obligation to purchase.



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Firstly, we anaesthetise your eyes with drops. Using a laser, we make a tiny incision in the cornea and place an artificial lens behind the iris. The procedure takes approximately five minutes per eye and is entirely pain-free.



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The following day, we check your vision and eye pressure. We carry out additional follow-ups one week and two months after the procedure.

All about lens implantation

Lens implantation explained

Here is everything you need to know about the requirements, the procedure and the benefits of lens implantation.

How does lens implantation work?

Watch the video to find out exactly what happens during a lens implantation.

How common are lens treatments?

Priya explains how a lens treatment works and how often the treatment is performed.

Can lens treatment cause blindness?

Chiara explains why the risk of blindness is extremely low.

Healing time and lens stability

Priya talks about the process and side effects of lens treatment.

Why are lens treatments so expensive?

Chiara explains what is included in the costs of a lens treatment.

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What you need

Am I suitable for lens implantation?

Lens implantation works best for those aged 18 to 61 with high ametropia or very thin corneas.

You should meet the following requirements:

  • Short-sightedness up to -20.00 dioptres
  • Corneal curvature up to 6.00 dioptres
  • You are of legal age
  • Generally healthy eyes
  • Good physical health
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During a 30-minute, no-obligation, free initial consultation on site, we find out whether you can have laser vision correction and which treatment method is best for you.

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Advantages of lens implantation

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Severe ametropia

Artificial lenses are a marvellous alternative if you have a high level of ametropia, and laser eye treatments are not an option.

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Thin cornea

If laser eye treatment is not an option due to thin corneas, lens implantation is an excellent alternative.

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Suitable for dry eyes

It is not always possible to treat dry eyes with laser eye therapy. In that case, we implant lenses.

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ICL lens implantation is reversible: We place an artificial lens before your eye's natural lens and can remove or change it if necessary.

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UV Filter

The artificial lens material has a UV filter that protects the eye from the sun's harmful rays.

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We provide custom-made lenses that fit your eyes perfectly. The human body does not treat the lens as a foreign body.

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betterview online vision test

Now easily get a first approximate assessment of your visual performance - with the betterview vision test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most important and frequent questions and answers about betterview. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please get in touch with us.

Lens implantation or laser surgery?

The suitability of lens implantation or laser eye treatment varies for each individual. Both methods are proven and safe. Lens implantation is a reversible option if your cornea is too thin, or you suffer from dry eyes.

How long does the lens implant last?

ICL lenses are permanent and last a lifetime. The procedure is reversible because the eye's natural lens remains intact. We can remove or replace the implanted lens if your vision changes.

When can I expect my full vision to return?

Once the artificial lenses are in place, your vision usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to fully return, although it takes longer in some cases. Full recovery takes from 4 to 8 weeks.

What are the risks associated with lens implantation?

Lens implantation is a safe and proven treatment to correct severe refractive errors. In rare cases, treatable complications, including infection, occur afterwards.

Can implanted lenses be removed?

ICL lens implantation is reversible. Because we preserve the eye's natural lens during the procedure, we can remove the artificial lens should there be a vision change that requires a new lens.

How much does lens implantation cost?

betterview charges CHF 4,980 per eye for lens implantation. In contrast to other providers, our price includes everything, from the preliminary examination, the main examination, the procedure and the follow-up. You can also pay in instalments.


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